Zachary Arnold

Analytic Lead, Emerging Technology Observatory

Writing on tech

9/2023AI tools as science policy advisers? The potential and the pitfalls (with several co-authors)
8/2023The Next Frontier in AI Regulation Is Procedure (with Micah Musser)
7/2022"China's AI companies: hybrid players" (with Karen Sutter) and "The balance sheet: China's AI advantages and challenges" (with Anna Puglisi), in Chinese Power and Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives and Challenges (Routledge, 2022)
7/2021AI Accidents: An Emerging Threat (with Helen Toner)
4/2021Chinese Students Are Not a Fifth Column (with Remco Zwetsloot)
3/2021Understanding Chinese Government Guidance Funds (with Ngor Luong and Ben Murphy)
1/2021A New Institutional Approach to Research Security in the United States (with Melissa Flagg)
10/2020Most of America’s “Most Promising” AI Startups Have Immigrant Founders (with Tina Huang and Remco Zwetsloot)
9/2020Tracking AI Investment: Initial Findings From the Private Markets (with Ilya Rahkovsky and Tina Huang)
7/2020The US is Turning Away The World’s Best Minds—and This Time, They May Not Come Back (with Tina Huang)
1/2020Foreign Brains Help America Compete (with Remco Zwetsloot)
12/2019Chinese Public AI R&D Spending: Provisional Findings (with Ashwin Acharya)
9/2019Immigration Policy and the U.S. AI Sector (with Roxanne Heston, Remco Zwetsloot and Tina Huang)

Other work

3/2021Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on cross-border investment controls
6/2017Preventing Industrial Disasters in a Time of Climate Change: A Call for Financial Assurance Mandates